To us, Bossy is a postive

Who We Are

Our Founder

BossyWorks is a full service virtual assistant service which caters to the passionate, focused, and Bossy to provide assistance with the daily time consuming tasks that are the nuts and bolts of your business and your personal life. 

Erica Pitts, Owner and Lead Assistant of BossyWorks.
She is a "Jane of All Trades" with more than 20 years of industry experience.  Her years of knowledge comes from her roles as Executive Assistant, Program Coordinator, Customer Service Manager, and Grant Administrator.  She is a true autodidact, the perpetual student, and is always searching for innovative and creative solutions to conquer the needs of all those she services. 

She has fostered a passion for helping small businesses and has a specialty niche in the non-profit sector.  As the Program Coordinator and Portfolio Manager of a non-profit revolving loan fund, she has spent countless hours advising small business owners on how to get healthy, stay healthy, and continue to grow. 

Our Mantra: 
We make being Bossy a Breeze

Our Motto: 
We do the things you hate so you can do the things you love most!

How We Work

Where We Work

What We Use

BossyWorks  assistants are based in the United States.  
Our Team Leads are super employees, powered by the combined skills and talents of many virtual assistants.   Our entire team works in a virtual office collaborating and communicating with your Team Lead. Your Lead will coordinate your tasks across all of our services. You gain access to our entire skill set, with only one point of contact, your dedicated team lead.
Our assistants are based throughout the United States, and our home office is based in Columbia, SC​
BossyWorks uses several features to ensure peace of mind. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement
All of our clients have the option of entering into a non-disclosure agreement. Please contact us if you would like to review a copy of our non-disclosure agreement.

All staff are required to signed a non-disclosure agreement stating that (among other things) they will never disclose any of our clients’ confidential or proprietary information.

We bill the time it takes. No rounding. No minimums.
Our virtual assistants only track the amount of time they spend working on your tasks. Every plan comes with  time usage reports, so you know exactly how your time was used, how much is left, and when your plan refreshes with more time.

Submitting Tasks
Submit tasks in the way that is most convenient for you. Any way you prefer. Send an email, text, call us, or create a task in our client portal. If you have a project management system that you already use, have it send an email notification to ua and we will log-in to your system and get to work!
BossyWorks is a member of  We Are Virtual Assistants