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Bossy Benefits 

  BossyWorks can make the world of difference for your business and personal life 

Save Money 

Flexible Schedule 

Quality Service

BossyWorks will reduce your labor costs thus reducing your monthly overhead. You receive valuable services enabling your business to flourish while saving money. BossyWorks will bill you for the hours we work. You are not be responsible to pay employee taxes or benefits such as sick days, vacation days or health insurance. All this saves a great deal of money for you. 
BossyWorks operates on a flexible schedule and is not bound by traditional work hours. This flexibility ensures we are available when you need us. We adjust our schedule to meet your needs. 

Brainstorming at 3am, drops us a line!
Crafting your to-do-list, send it to us! 
We want you to put the word out about our superior services. Our reputation and business success depends on how well each client is pleased. We strive constantly to provide only quality services, and we pride ourselves on performing at a higher level than your average employees. We are dedicated to being the best.   

We love those tasks you hate

Temporary Staff for Projects

Space & Resources Provided

Bring it on! We take on all those every day essential tasks you don't have time, energy, skillsets, or desire to tackle. We will happily oversee those repetitive, soul-sucking tasks that you are simply too busy to do because you're growing your business or wearing all the hats (parent, manager, sales, marketing, SEO, strategists, therapist. The list is never ending)
BossyWorks can help meet your temporary needs without the hassle of a staffing agency and all their fees.  Your special projects, peak seasons, or single tasks may require additional temporary staff, and we can help. One of our hours packages or pay as you go option allows you to customize the time you purchase to fit your needs. Only pay for the hours you need.
We work from a virtual office away from your company, which gives you the benefit of not having to provide a workspace or equipment for us to use. We provide our own equipment and supplies. Your company does not need to invest in an additional computer, pens, paper and other items to ensure the we can perform the tasks you entrusted us to complete.  

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