You're the Boss, so be Bossy

Talented virtual assistants ready to tackle your to-do list today

From contact and email managment to web site development, let us take over that to-do list 
Delegating is the key to success.  Your energy is best spent on things you do well, focusing on your bottomline, and strategizing your growth.  Hand over those daily tasks that create the mountain of responsibilites that keep you at the top of your game.

Administrative  Support Services

Administrative support services can vary greatly from client to client  and we are prepared to meet each unique need. Our administrative assistance service covers a wide variety of clerical tasks. Whether it’s business or personal, we’re ready to help in any way you need.  BossyWorks provides the benefit of a talented and versatile employee who is ready to clock in and lend a helping hand wherever you need it.
Word Processing  Services
  • Create and format documents with a professional eye for detail and consistency
  • Create PowerPoint presentations
  • Create and format reports, cover letters, resumes, and event programs
  • Create and format newsletters and technical documents
  • and much more

  • Help to create and format custom spreadsheets. 
  • Help simplify and improve any spreadsheet through the use of proper formulas and formatting. We can also
  • Help integrate spreadsheets into dynamic presentations and transfer data into other programs.  

Data Entry
  • Provide the required attention to detail  to ensure the data is usable and accurate. We take the time to
  • Ensure that we are formatting and extracting your data for proper usage. 
  • Customize data to your software and organizational needs

We can save you time by organizing and preparing any business or personal mailings
  • Invitations
  • Thank you letters
  • Holiday cards
  • Promotional material,
  • Newsletters (print or email)

Calendar Management

Calendar management allows you to worry less about your schedule and focus more on your next appointment. We utilize interactive technology that allows you to continue to access  your calendar as you normally would while we manage the backend organization.  

  • Manage daily calendar
  • We can implement scheduling software
  • Help track appointments
  • Alert you to upcoming events that may be of interest.

E-mail Management

Simply put, email management is inbox and message management.  We do all of this through the use of technology that allows you to continue to see and respond to email as you normally would and can easily be integrated with your smart phone or desktop. 

Inbox Management
  • We can help monitor your incoming messages
  • Create standard response protocols
  • Create custom responses
  • Remove spam and junk mail
  • Alert you to urgent matters in real time
  • Create and manage email marketing campaign

Email Marketing Campaign Management 
Get your business in the your customer's inbox! Deliverables can be as broad and creative  as needed to reach your current customers and capture new ones.  
  • Utilize popular email clients such as Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, and AWeber to deliver branded messages to prospects and clients
  • Assist our clients from start to finish with choosing, setting-up, and managing a service that will meet their needs and their budget
  • Help design branded message templates based on the content and audience they are speaking to
  • Add sign-up widgets to their website
  • Integrate social media sharing ability
  • Create and schedule informational and promotional messages

Graphic & Print Design 

Let us help you get the word out about just how awesome your business is!  We provide any array of print and graphic design sevices.

  • Logo Design
  • Basic image editing and retouching
  • Document layout and stationery design
  • PowerPoint presentation design
  • Web graphics and infographics
  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Postcards
  • Rack cards
  • Brochures
  • Promotional swag
  • Flyers
  • Banners
  • and just about anything else that your company logo and information can be printed on for marketing purposes

Personal Assistant Services 

Every boss deserves a "right-hand-man!  You will receive all the benefits of a full-time personal assistant waiting on your Bossy to do list. We assign a dedicated Virtual Assistant to gain a familiarity with you, your expectations, and your needs. 
  •  Appointment scheduling
  •  Any type of personal tasks
  •  Book tickets for concerts, gigs, playoffs
  •  Reservations for golf, spa, beauty treatments
  •  Dental or medical check up, car servicing.
  •  Correspondence with friends & Family
  •  Birthday/Anniversary reminders and sending gift & card sending
  •  Dinner Reservations, other reservations (research)
  •  Booking transportation.
  •  Travel and Vacation research
  •  Organizing events / planning for a party
  •  Sending out invites
  •  Creating custom invites
  •  Household tasks help- researching the available options

Internet Research 

 Let us scour the world wide web for all the information you need.

  •  Gather any information from mthe internet
  •  Compiling information in word, excel reports
  •  Article research
  •  Market research
  •  Product or Service research
  •  Manufacturer research
  •  Any specific information gathering exercise
  •  Creating graphs and charts
  •  Analyzing graphs and charts
  • Customized research and analysis

Website Design & Management

We offer a variety of web design and improvement services.

Site Building Services  
  • Create your website from start to finish. Our services include: 
  • Establishing a custom branded URL
  • Creating custom email accounts
  • Locating the best host provider for yoru business needs
  • Choosing a website building platform
  • Integrating your blog, shopping cart, email newsletter subscription, and social media accounts
  • Creating the essential pages needed to describe your business, product or services, and contact information

Site Management Services 
  • Improve your existing website with search engine optimization
  • Integrate any missing elements that will make your website the true virtual face of your business
  • Establishing a shopping cart, email newsletter platform, social media profiles, membership accounts, file sharing portals, and to enhance virtual space

Site Maintenance Services
We offer ongoing web support and updating for our clients
  • updating events
  • adding new products
  • monitoring analytics
  • search engine submission​​

Social Media Management

Social media is a great form of marketing that focuses on building relationships and sharing information and experiences. Social media can be used to build brand awareness, establish expertise, focus on a niche, promote upcoming events, and maintain a dialogue with clients and prospects.  With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube becoming leading methods of sharing and receiving news and recommendations; it’s become increasingly necessary to have a presence. 
  • Set-up and maintenance of client profiles with consistent branding and messaging
  • Integrating their social media profiles with their website and blog
  • Create and share timely updates. 
  • Review and improve on existing social media profiles 
  • Provide user tutorials for entrepreneurs who want to become more effective  with their accounts
  • Create a social media mission and set-up a social media plan that will give focus and yield results

Writing Services

Our talented writers and editors will work with you to craft your message, incorporating your tone, voice, and style. We can also create content with your keywords and SEO value in mind.
  •  Blog posts and website copy
  •  Social media updates and newsletters
  •  Proof-reading
  •  Press releases
  •  Ghostwriting

Transcription Services

We offer an array of transcription services
  • Dictation, interviews, business meetings
  • Conference calls, focus groups, press briefings, lectures
  • Radio shows, penal discussions, seminars
  • Voicemail transcription, transcription for video file
  • Aegisub – map the text with audio file
  • Animoto , VLC media player
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